Neurolens Symptom Quiz

Do you get headaches?
  • You get headaches of any severity each week (Even just a dull ache counts).
  • Your headaches tend to get worse later in the day.
  • Your headaches are generally worse at work than they are at home or on weekends.

Do you get stiffness / pain in neck / shoulders?
  • Your neck gets stiff and sore when you work at a computer or read (This might even be from your posture).
  • You experience frequent tension in you head, neck or shoulders.
  • You get frequent massages/chiropractic adjustments.

Do you have discomfort during computer use?
  • You feel like you are more productive at work in the morning vs. the afternoon.
  • Your eyes get tired, burn, or get red easily when you work at a computer for long hours.

Do you ever experience tired eyes?
  • Your eyes feel fatigued/tired at the end of a workday.
  • Your eyes generally feel better in the morning compared to the end of the day.

Do you get dry eye sensation?
  • Your eyes and or contacts tend to dry out when you are working at a computer or reading.
  • Your eyes progressively feel more dry/sandy/gritty as the day goes on.

Do you ever experience light sensitivity?
  • Driving at night is difficult because of glare from headlights.
  • Fluorescent lights bother you in large spaces (grocery store, department store, etc.).

Do you ever experience dizziness?
  • Riding in a car gives you motion sickness.
  • You sometimes feel a sensation of vertigo or disconnectedness from your environment.